Affiliate Leads Provider

The job entails:

Contacting business in Thailand through email/phone/social media/visiting, whatever suits you, then asking them if you can add their business to for them, this helps that business with their own search engine ranking and is free advertising on a website with 7,000 visitors a month. 45,000 per/month across all our sites.

Then, when they have agreed, you add their business to for free for them and give them a username and password.

Once added (ABOUT 10 MINUTES WORK) you need to find out what they are currently sourcing (what they are looking to buy for their business)

In return for this free advertising for them, you try to get as many leads from them and add their leads to the lead sourcing area of biz-find website. (About 5 minutes work) you can tell the client that you will try to find competitive quotes and suppliers for them for free.

There is no selling at any point just helping!

Each lead that you add to the site is paid at 20 THB.

Most business, if you are professional and explain what we do well, will give you a couple of leads (Things they are looking to buy for their business or for themselves)

So every 15 minutes you have added a business and added two leads which means you will be adding around 4 businesses every hour which is an average of 8 leads per/hour;

8 x 20THB is 160 THB for that hour

Your money is added to your account within the site and is paid out each time you get to THB 2,000 to either pay pal or any Thai bank account.

You can work whenever you want and there is no time limit on how long it takes. All payments are carried over and over till you reach 2,000 THB and you are paid, when you are paid the account in Biz-find is reset to zero.

What is a lead?

A lead is a product or any service a business is looking to buy for their business (not what they sell). All businesses buy things from office supplies to large things to keep their business ticking over.

You can earn more cash by directing business to the leads, if they sign up on the pro membership at 1,000 THB a month you receive 20% =200 THB

Examples of leads:

A Restaurant would buy tablecloths or plates, cutlery and ingredients.

A general office will want coffee, tea, printer ink, stationary, office equipment.

Construction companies will want cement suppliers and materials, scaffolding. etc.

We supply leads to every kind of business whatsoever.

The work is 90% Thai 10% English