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Why you need to be in an Index fund

If you are serious about your hard earned savings and you believe the bank is the best and safest place for your money stop reading now!Biz-find meets regularly with some o

Do you trust A.I?

"Hasta La Vista Baby" is what the Cyberdine next generation Terminator robot said after it developed some basic AI skills. James Cameron who produced the blockbuster Terminator movies in the 1980's an

The Best ways to spend $10,000

You have just come into a spare $10,000 and you would like to put that money to the best use, but it's not enough is it, for any kind of real investment?

Have you ever wondered how to double or triple your revenues?

There are only 3 ways to grow a business. More customers. Higher prices and more frequent purchas

How to get wealthy fast.

One of the fastest ways to accumulate wealth overnight is to come up with something that has never been seen before.Or a better version of something that has already been done.'Invent

How to go public without losing your shirt 3/3

Everyone has heard of those who made it big by going public.  But what about you the business owner with a small to medium sized, profitable business?  Too small to go public, not enough money or ma

UK expat pensioners last laugh

I had a Thai girlfriend once who believed UK men were all rich, and it wasn’t until I showed her a graph of where we rate with national earnings compared to the rest of Europe including pension enti

What you have to know about UK pensions

If you are an expat especially a British expat, anywhere in the world this is for you:WAKE UP!!!!For anyone anywhere with a UK Pension:If you have a UK pension; either a Pr

When’s the best time to invest in a business?

At the very beginning of course, when their value hasn’t even begun to grow.Now at least, because of the rise of entrepreneurship, the are ma