Do you trust A.I?

"Hasta La Vista Baby" is what the Cyberdine next generation Terminator robot said after it developed some basic AI skills. James Cameron who produced the blockbuster Terminator movies in the 1980's an

The Best ways to spend $10,000

You have just come into a spare $10,000 and you would like to put that money to the best use, but it's not enough is it, for any kind of real investment?

8 things the wealthy won't do.

“Money isn’t everything”As hollered by working class parents, colleagues and friends to protect a wannabe Entrepreneur from the pain endured on the path to financial security.To become w

New Year’s Resolutions that stick; why your previous resolutions never worked

New Year's resolutions and why they don't work (for most)Ever met one of those people who have been to almost all the top motivational speakers seminars and has the book signed by nearly ev

The dream business scenario

The dream business scenarioAs business people the most challenging role has to be accepted as finding new business. Whether we are in start-up phase, SME phase, or about to sell t

Who’s got time for Social Media?

What these ever so cheerful Social Media geeks always forget is; we run a business, and if I had a few hours spare a week I would go and try and remind my kids who I am, yes remember me , I am the one