How to get wealthy fast.

One of the fastest ways to accumulate wealth overnight is to come up with something that has never been seen before.Or a better version of something that has already been done.'Inv

Why Biz-find is better than Google search

Google has with its own version of a business directory, where you can search for a company and you will see some info on the company you searched for. However rather than be a jack of all trades like

How do you find leads?

Here’s a tale of two sales guys given a budget of 300 U.S.D. and told to make the most amount of sales for their golf clubs company within a month with the budget..Sam is from the old school of

Bloggers Block? 5 Tips for new ideas

Yes we are all told by Search engine optimisation gurus to fill our sites with compelling content so that we become more Wikipedia for our own industry than we ever dare mention that

How many people click on banner ads?

How much would you pay to have your company on the 10x5 meter huge billboards on the side of the motorway that leads up to the airport?This is always a question I ask my potential customers as I n

Sales made easy (Digital marketing for reps)

Digital marketing for repsHere’s a story of two salesmen James and AdamBoth men are Sales representatives for the Cebu jam company (Hey I like jam, I am not sure if there’s a jam fa

Who’s got time for Social Media?

What these ever so cheerful Social Media geeks always forget is; we run a business, and if I had a few hours spare a week I would go and try and remind my kids who I am, yes remember me , I am the one