Case Study 1 (Advertising your business)

A leading supplier of motivational speakers and seminars to Bangkok called us in , we looked at what they did and found that their main keyword ‘Motivational speakers in Bangkok’ was nowhere near the top of search engines!

He told us:

“What’s the problem? I put my company name in I am there , right there at the top”

“Yeah, BUT, Only people who know the name of your company can find you!” we told him “New clients will search a range of different keywords to find what they are looking for and since your business is to bring motivational speakers to speak in Bangkok , that should be your main keyphrase”

We added him as a Premium Plus and three weeks later here’s the result!:

motivational speakers bangko

Motivational speakers bangkok

For a more exact phrase we have him in prime position!

motivational speakers bangko

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