How to use Biz-find

Biz-find is a user added business directory where you add your business and then once approved we share your business to our social media of over 500,000 people this in turn drives traffic back to your business.

What we do know is through feedback and our own analytics is that on average 5% of all page views become a direct contact via your website link, your telephone, your social media links or through the contact form which leaves a massage in your dashboard, so page views mean a lot to you.

In the registration process you will see that we ask you for leads.

You tell us what products and services you are currently buying for your business and we will pay you for them by upgrading your business to our Pro Membership worth 35 U.S.D.

We publish these leads for our pro members to see.

Pro members have many more benefits over the free members not just leads.


No. 1 : Register your Philippines based Business here

It is currently Free to join this site, but when a site reaches 1,000 members you have to pay to join so act NOW!

No.2 : Make sure to tell us 3 products and services your company is buying in the lead sourcing field to get the upgrade

We do the rest for you.

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