Biz-find Investment

Biz-find Seeks Joint Ventures and Investors

Biz-find wants to revolutionise the way we buy and sell business services online. We believe the internet is full of people trying to be heard above all the noise selling their products when in reality there are enough buyers out there looking and buying leads are the ‘Cherry on the cake’ to any company.

When business join us to take advantage of the marketing we give them free on the directory, we then ask them to tell us what B2B and B2C products and services they are buying and we then publish these leads as a feature to our paid members.

Since 2012 Biz-find has grown to over 5,000 user added members, 30,000 a month visitors, 25,000 subscribers and with our 500,000 social media reach we know how to share a company.

We can show you a 100% return in 1 year and a massive return for when we go IPO in 2020

We are looking for mentors and Investors to take us to the next level contact us :